Nautique Yachting

Nautique Yachting is a company active in marine sector with a abilities of brokerage, yachts sales, brand distribution and charter services. Nautique Yachting Exclusively sells VanDutch, Axopar ve Technohull brands and have super exclusive charter services for short or long terms.

Charter program use super exclusive apps which allows you to get all information with a tap of a button.

VanDutch Inc.

In a design era fueled by size, status and decadence, rose a simply seductive day boat in 2008 who broke every rule shaped by its surroundings. Its unique lines were crisp, artistic and seemingly endless, catalyzing an affinity with the world's elite. A vessel so simple yet so complex, it became evident the naming of this project must pay homage to its simple composition, and always represent its homeland. It was called VanDutch. "From Dutch". From its exceptional design for exceptional people, the VanDutch 30, 40 55 models were born. Now, 2018 introduces the X, 40.2, 48, 56, 75, captivating an audience of leaders through breathtaking design and luxury style. Bred on simplicity, style and customer care, VanDutch inspires through much more than its physical structure. VanDutch represents a lifestyle; an extension of self to the water.

Yachts.In Inc.

Yachts.In is an International company with offices in USA, Latin America, Canada, The Caribbean, Europe and Middle East, we are specialized in the Sale, Purchase, Brokerage, Management and Service of the World's Finest Yachts.

Yachts.In also is a Distributor for the major leading Yacht Brands.

Ela Luxurious

Real estate is my passion. It became part of my journey, and I hope to become part of yours.