Home Insurance in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale

Whether you’re starting a new claim or you’d like help with an existing claim, our team at Nautique Real Estate can help. We offer services for home insurance claims in Miami at any stage. Whether you have a new claim, a claim in process or a claim that has already been completed, we are here to help.

High-Value Homeowners Insurance

The Greater Miami Area boasts some of the most beautiful, exclusive, and expensive real estate in the country. Here, it is not unusual to find showplace estates selling at eight- or nine-figure price points. Specialized knowledge and experience are key in understanding and crafting the uniquely tailored home insurance program appropriate for this audience. The experienced professionals at Nautique Real Estate Brokers are ready to do this for you.

For these homes, no ordinary policy will do; these estates typically include other outbuildings such as guesthouses, servant’s quarters, boathouses, electronic gates, sophisticated security systems, and elaborate fountains and landscaping. We’ll engage the premier providers in the nation to ensure that the coverage limits and amounts have the breadth and depth that reflect the worth of your home. From historically significant architecture to scarce and unusual building materials, custom-crafted finishes and exquisitely wrought embellishments, these elements demand valuation methods that recognize their true worth.

Personal property within the home is likely of high value as well, so we take care to include in your coverage (either as scheduled items or via a blanket policy) protection for a variety of items such as fine jewelry, art, wine, and antiques. Ensuring the worth of each treasured piece is properly recognized is an art unto itself, which is why the professionals at Nautique Real Estate have developed relationships with trusted appraisers of high-value real estate and furnishings.

Protection from liability is integral to the coverage

Rest assured: Your policy offers high-limit personal liability coverage should you be found responsible for an incident of bodily injury or property damage.

What’s more, this protection can include family members who reside with you as well as your pets, and even your service staff.

True protection is more than a sum of its parts

Ask anyone who’s lost a treasured landmark residence and he’ll say he’d rather have the home than the insurance payout. With that in mind, your personal Natique Real Estate advisor will carefully evaluate the resident risks and recommend a program to reduce your exposure to loss.

Taking into account the complexities of your overall financial plan, we take care to ensure your insurance solutions are in synch with your wealth accumulation and preservation programs.

We welcome the opportunity to protect what you have worked so hard to build.
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